LGBT Congressional Staff Association Condemns Vandalism of Pride Flag Outside of Congressional Office

Today, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Congressional Staff Association (CSA) released the following statement in response to the pride flag vandalism outside the Capitol Hill office of U.S. Rep. Lowenthal of California:

“The LGBT Congressional Staff Association vehemently condemns this bigoted attack on the LGBT community that occurred at the heart of our government,” said Todd Sloves, President of the LGBT Congressional Staff Association. “The U.S. Capitol is a symbol of our nation’s longstanding tradition of bringing together people from all walks of life to promote the Constitutional ideal that we are all created equal. The Pride flag is a symbol of this American ideal within the LGBT community, and an attack like this is an attack on all of us. We are relieved that no one was injured and we want our colleagues to know that the LGBT CSA is here as a resource and will continue working to make Capitol Hill a welcoming place for all.”


On March 15, 2017 an individual removed the Pride Flag from outside Rep. Alan Lowenthal’s office in the Cannon House Office Building, threw it to the ground, and stomped on it, exclaiming that the flag was "disgusting, immoral, and goes against everything that is right."

The LGBT CSA is the official, non-partisan organization in the U.S. House of Representatives whose mission is to advance the interests of current as well as prospective LGBT staff members. To learn more about the organization, please visit

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